Writers chat 2: Releasing the first book, being a mum and more with DP Joynes

Dena’s first book Rising Saints High which is book 1 in her Goo of the Gods series is out in February (and is available for pre-order now).

You can pre-order her books and check out her social media and other links on her website here.

Check out all 3 trailers on Dena’s You tube channel (hard to decide which to share…I love this one):

Dena’s second book, a novella will be out at the end of March (check out her website for details).

Since we started chatting Dena invited me into her online writing group (which is great and we’ll talk about this in the next Writer Chat with Dena) and as part of that group we’ve also got a group project we are working on (cool and exciting!) we’ll let you know more about that soon.

Other resources mentioned in this chat…

Dena and I chatted about keeping track of plots for books  in a series and across different projects. Dena uses 2 computer screens when she writes. Dena also uses the voice recorder on her mobile phone and transcribes/ actions the story ideas later when she’s writing.

I keep track in a planner (I’m currently using a Kikki K planner) and small note book I keep in my hand bag.

Dena chatted about resources by Tom Corson-Knowles.

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