Writer chats 6: What makes a good story, giving advice, genre expectations, Sarah’s launch plan and the “5” years.

In this writer chat, Sarah and I chat about the following:

  • Giving advice (and being given unsolicited advice) and constructive criticism
  • What makes a good story?
  • Different ways to write a story
  • Genre expectations – and the story you want to write (what if they’re not the same?)
  • Sarah’s launch plan for her book Autumn’s Dance (it’s since been published and I talked about it here).
  • My writing update (the anthology has since been published, read about that here).
  • My favourite twitter feed for inspirational quotes and images is Novelicious (check it out it’s beautiful!)
  • The 5 years….it’s a marathon not a sprint.

Sarah and I recorded this chat earlier in the year, and then I ended up having “minor” surgery which took awhile to get over, and life happened with other commitments for my cooking show and also I ended up writing a new novella for the fantasy anthology which took up some time. But this chat with Sarah is still very relevant if you’re a new writer, and so I thought I’d still publish it:-)

Also, this chat got a bit long and so I decided to make it a 2 part series, and so I’ll publish part 2 (which is about burnout: how much it sucks to have it, and how to avoid it) in a separate post.

I hope you enjoy this chat!



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