Writer chats 1: Lesson’s we’ve learned, mistakes we’ve made and more

This is the first Writer Chat!

Make your self a cup of tea or coffee, and enjoy.

Stuff we talk about in this chat:

  • Things we’ve learned about releasing things online – through having a self funded indie online TV show and indie magazine
  • The indie spectrum
  • Writer groups, communities and online forums: benefits and down sides
  • 3 things beginner authors need to do (don’t make your cover yourself, get an editor and invest in promoting your book).

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Sarah is the editor and creator of Indie Love Magazine.

She’s the author of 9 books!

Her next book Autumn’s Dance is out on the 1st February 2017 (it’s available for pre-order before then).

Sarah’s first books were The Curvies series.

The No BS guide to Publishing (this is the book with the links to book promotion sites I talked about in the chat).

My links / resources I chat about:

The Alliance of Independent Authors

I’m a member of ALLi (The Alliance of Independent Authors) Check them out here. (I recommend joining if you’re an indie author).

The books I produced for the show (I talk about designers and book formatting)

If you’ve got food sensitivities and want to watch the show at all check out the website here. The episodes are under the “episodes tab”.