Works in Progress

You’ll find a list of the books I’m currently working on below.
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What I’m currently working on:

  • The Moonstruck Mother Series: Book 2
    Contemporary fantasy  – a blend of women’s fiction & urban fantasy
    Goal to complete first draft – October 2020
  • Under Her Spell (FOTU Book 2)
    Contemporary fantasy – with women’s fiction
    Goal to complete first draft – September 2020
  • Crystals & Curses (working title)
    Contemporary fantasy -with women’s fiction and urban/ paranormal fantasy
    Goal to complete first draft – August 2020
  • Misty Hollow
    (Fantasy for 7-10 year olds – writing as Lisa-Marie White)
    Goal to complete edits and submit to editor for the copy edit August 5th.
    Publication Date: To be announced
  • Hidden/Familiar (contemporary fantasy/ urban fantasy/ paranormal romance)
    Currently on hold.

My writing and publishing process.

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