Works in Progress

You’ll find a list of the books I’m currently working on below.
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What I’m currently working on:

  • A Touch of Magic (new edition) (women’s fiction with magic)
    • stage: copy editing
    • status: with editor
  • The Moonstruck Mother Series Book 2, (women’s fiction with werewolves and witches)
    • stage: first draft complete
    • status: currently with editor for manuscript assessment and alpha readers
  • TFI (working title)(Middle grade fantasy trilogy for 10-12 year olds)
    • stage: working on “draft zero”
    • status: actively writing

What I’m working on next:

  • Glimmer Gully (working title)
    (Middle grade fantasy trilogy for 10-12 year olds)
    Current progress: 50% through structural and story edits – but final scenes need to be written)
  • The Moonstruck Mother Series: Book 3
    Contemporary fantasy  – a blend of women’s fiction & urban fantasy
    Current progress: plot and noting started,  plus opening scene.

The writing process:


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The writing roundup:
A yearly summary of words written & books read from 2016-current

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