Wolf Mother: Behind-the-scenes


I hope you enjoyed reading my book, Wolf Mother (The Moonstruck Mother Series, Book 1).

Before writing this book, I’d never seen the Tantanoola Tiger, been in a sinkhole, driven into a dormant volcano, or seen ghost mushrooms.  If you haven’t either, here are some of the photos from my research trips, and things I learned while doing the research for this book.

Posts about my research

A Tale of Two Tigers

Down in a Sinkhole

Driving into a Dormant Volcano (coming soon)

A walk down Ghost Mushroom Lane in the full moon

Location scouting for Lyndenwood Valley (coming soon)

Posts about the behind-the-scenes of writing the book

My cat swallowed a sewing needle (and other odd things that happened while I was writing my book)

The original fans of Buffy have all grown up (coming soon)

Menopause, motherhood and middle aged heroines (coming soon)

Behind-the-scenes: the cover design

Behind-the scenes: editing the book

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