What to write for a first post?


What to write in a first blog post for this website? It’s kind of daunting to be honest, and I need to write a first post, so I can write the second and third (which I already know what I want to write about…). So I started looking at a few other author blogs to see what they wrote for their first post and finally I laughed (and felt vindicated)   when I read George R.R. Martin’s first blog post on his website from July 2005. Not A Blog. George, I love you.

I don’t want to write a blog either.

I certainly don’t want to write one of those cheesy blogs (I’ve got to be honest I feel myself grind my jaw every time I see one of the  internet marketing NLP style get-a-free-set-of-steak-knives kind of blog titles).

I just want a space to share stuff I feel like sharing, when I feel like sharing it.

So with that out on the table… welcome to the Lisa M White “blog”. Here I’ll be sharing some things about the book I am writing at the moment which I hope to release in July 2017  (Familiar) and other good books, authors and writers info I come across as well as a space to add the details from the Writer Chats.

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There… I think that was alright for a first post.

See you in post 2…