The writing roundup for 2023

Well, I’d thought the end of 2022 had been a challenge. Let me just say it had nothing on what 2023 had to offer. If you’ve been on my newsletter list, you’ll have heard about it. If you’re not on the list yet, then  you can sign up for it here and I’ll write a post called Things that happened while I was writing werewolf book 2 when I publish the second werewolf book (all going well that will be later this year and when I’ve written that post, I’ll add the link in here). Anyway, 2023 was grueling, but weirdly enough, the awful year helped me refocus and to start using the pockets of time that I had to get to the desk, and make the most of the time I had rather than to stop waiting for that perfect convergence of free time, mental energy, and physical energy)(e.g. doing what professional writers with a family are doing every day:-).

So, without further ado… here’s the review for 2023:

What I wrote in 2023

Total new words written for 2023: 96K

This was:

  • 63K towards draft 1 of the second werewolf book (WW)
  • 7.7K towards “draft 0” of the third werewolf book
  • 5K towards “draft 0” of the 2nd middle grade fantasy (TFI)
  • 12K on A Touch of Magic (the novel)
  • 3K on short stories and daily writes
  • 4K on a high fantasy

50K of the 96K were written as part of Nanowrimo.

(Not included in the above is the time and words spent on doing edits, re-writing, plotting, researching, and putting together the “story bible”. Also when time has been short, and or I’ve been stressed – which was a significant amount of this year – I find it easier to write something new than to build on to my established story worlds as there’s too many details I can miss and it saves me time down the track in unnecessary re-writes).

Where the fiction books are at (as of December 2023):

  • ATOM was sent off for a copy edit (it’s due back in January 2024)
  • WW has been sent to 4 alpha readers and to my editor for a manuscript assessment
  • I’m currently working on TFI (Middle grade Book 1)

What I’ve been reading in 2023

According to my goodreads reading challenge, I’ve read 53 books. (My goal was 100 books but I reduced it to 50 in June after the events of the first half of the year).

Of these:

  • 42 were audiobooks
  • 7 were ebooks
  • 4 were print books

Interviews and highlights in 2023

I had two interviews in 2023, one was an audio interview for the Stories bind us podcast.

And the other was a written interview on fellow Women’s Fiction author, TA Rosewood’s website.

Goals for 2024

I’m going to take a bit of time to think about my goals for 2024, but because I have some projects in the works, a lot of started projects I want to work through and finish and hopefully a little more time, so with that said, my writing and publishing goal is to:

  • Publish A Touch of Magic (the novel)
  • Publish Moonstruck Mother series (book 2)

I’d love to:

  • Publish GG or TFI and
  • Write the first draft of Moonstruck Mother series (book 3)

Anyway, if I’m going to achieve all this, I’d better get writing! 🙂

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