The writing roundup for 2022

I love a good review/ summary post and since I’ve had a bit of a challenging start to this year, (and consequently haven’t had a chance to share my yearly roundup in my newsletter), I thought I’d share the summary here (because it would seem odd to include it in the June newsletter given we are half way through the year!).

So this is the 2022 review:

What I wrote in 2022

Total new words written in 2022: 102K *

This was:

  • 20K added to the final draft of A Touch of Magic (the book is now getting ready for a copy edit)
  • 10K added to the secret co-writing project (which I am now no longer working on)
  • 30K added to draft 1 of TFI (the second middle grade book)
  • 40K on draft 1 of WW (the second Moonstruck Mother Series book)
  • 2K on a separate women’s fiction with magic project

(50K of the 102K words were written as part of NaNoWriMo).

(* as I was writing my 2023 update, and I went back over previous years, I discovered the total on this page was wrong, so I’ve updated it:-)

What I’ve been reading

According to my goodreads reading challenge, I read 81 books this year (my goal was 100). (To see all the titles I’ve read over on my goodreads page, click here). Not included in this 81 book total were the books I’d beta read that hadn’t been published (including multiple drafts of my own stories while editing).

I was curious about how many of the books I read were audio, ebook or print, so I calculated it and here’s the breakdown:

  • 54 audiobooks
  • 22 ebooks and
  • 5 print books.

I thought I’d read more print books than that but last year just wasn’t a sit down and read kind of year. All in all though, it’s the closest I’ve got to the 100 books goal since I’ve been setting that as my goal:-).

Interviews and highlights

I had two interviews in 2022, one was a video chat with Louisa West in her facebook group:

And a written interview over on Dana and Chole’s blog:

My goals for 2023:

The first half of 2023 hasn’t gone anywhere near according to plan, but assuming things improve, these are my writing and publishing goals for 2023:

  • Complete and publish ATOM
  • Complete and publish WW
  • Complete and publish GG (the first middle grade fantasy)
  • Write the first draft of WP (the third Moonstruck Mother book)
  • Complete the first draft of TGI (the second middle grade fantasy)


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