It takes a village: The Wolf Mother Cover Design

Just like raising children, publishing a book takes a village.
I wrote the Wolf Mother book, but a couple of other incredibly talented women (my pack of Lone Wolves) helped make the finish product look like the idea I had in my mind.
So the next few posts are to say thank you to the women behind the Wolf Mother finished product.
Today I’m thanking Angela Stevens,  of The Cats Pyjamas for designing the (very cool) cover for Wolf Mother.
When I first told Angela my quirky story and cover idea, she laughed, then showed me a design that perfectly captured the vibe.
At first we had a different Gillian, but she wasn’t quite right. So we kept searching, and  then we found this on (who I loved instantly). This Gillian was the perfect blend of sweet, quirky, motherhood frustration and determination.
A couple of interesting behind-the-scenes facts:
I just looked on my phone and the first draft of the book cover with this Gillian on it was May 2018.  So I’ve had to keep this cover to my self for 2 years! Omg do you know how hard that’s been???
Another quirky fact. We’d designed the book cover before I started writing the book. (I started writing Wolf Mother during the July school holidays in 2018). After we settled on the design, I printed out the cover image and kept it beside me while I was writing the first draft.
Even now, after all this time, every time I look at it, it still makes me smile.
To check out Angela’s other cover designs and services, go to  The Cat’s Pyjamas.
To check out Wolf Mother the book, click here.