It takes a village: The Complementary Kitchen Publisher Logo Design

I’ve chatted about the Wolf Mother cover design and editing and today, in the last post in this little ‘It takes a village’ mini-series, I’d like to thank Kathryn McIntyre of @KatCreativeStudio  for designing the original image for the Complementary Kitchen (publisher) logo that you see on the title page of the book and on the print version, you’ll see it on the spine of all my books to come.

The brief was: quirky, magical, mysterious and I think its fair to say she nailed it.

Due to a variety of factors beyond my control, I didn’t get to do the book launch I had planned for Wolf Mother but one thing I wanted was a creative cover reveal (after all, I’d been calling it ‘the werewolf book’ online for a couple of years, because I figured, the moment I called it ‘wolf mother’ it would be obvious what it was about! So when it finally came time to reveal the cover, I asked Kathryn if she could make some creative over-lays with cover elements, to give a peek of the cover and a quirky hint of what the book was about.

And I absolutely love the result!

If you’d like to find out more about Kathryn’s design services, or to contact Kathryn, you can find her at @KatCreativeStudio on instagram.