From the bookshelf: September 2017 Liane Moriarty – I am a fan!



Without a doubt, the highlight of my 2017 reading list were these 3 books by Liane Moriarty. Oh. My. God. They are so good! I’ve bought her other books and plan to read them all this year (2018).

Ok so where to begin. These are contemporary women’s fiction. Liane (an Aussie author) is not afraid to tackle tricky issues. Big Little Lies (yes, the book the VERY COOL TV SHOW is based on) tackles domestic violence, The Husband’s Secret will have you in a twist as Liane has you asking yourself what you would do in that situation (I won’t give it away, and if you don’t know what his secret it, don’t read any spoilers). It’s good. And omg the book is a page turner.  Lastly, What Alice Forgot, tackles the theme of memory – what we choose to remember and what we don’t (as well as family). It’s hard to pick a favourite, and since I don’t have to – I won’t. I’ll simply urge you to read them all, and as soon as possible.