From the bookshelf: November 2017

Ok so these books didn’t really fit one of my previous themes, so I thought I’d write about them here. They’re 2 very different books.

The Billionaire’s Virgin (Always) by Lara Love. I was watching Season 5 of Arrow as I was reading this book and I couldn’t help but think of Oliver Queen (before he became Arrow) as I was reading Pierce’s character in this book. Pierce is a billionaire playboy and was Charlotte’s first love. This is a fun read that’ll keep you engaged through to the end. If you love billionaire stories with sexy romance you’ll like this book.

The Guardian Angel by Kay Seely I loved the theme of this story which is basically about the power of believing in someone and helping them to be who they are. The book follows Nell, a carer for a wealthy autistic child (Robert) and the lengths she goes through to help this little boy. It’s a touching story, and even moreso knowing that it was inspired by Kay’s non-verbal autistic grandson. If you like historical stories with a touch of romance and a family thread  (especially if you like books with a Catherine Cookson feel), you’ll absolutely love this book.