Familiar Series

Blurb for Awakened (Familiar Series, Book 1):

When Nyssa’s friends take her out in an innocent attempt to cheer her up on the anniversary of her grandmother’s death, it sets in motion a change that will tear apart their friendship and their world.

It all starts simply enough: a feigned attempt to set up a romance, a clumsy knock into the path of a stranger, a protective arm draped around her shoulders by her boss. But things soon unravel and when the sparks fly, Nyssa is left wondering what is real, who she really is and what she’s capable of.

Themes: I have discovered/ realised that I write about grief, death, loss, lonliness, and empowerment. I love the contemporary fantasy backdrop for these themes because I get to play with ideas of the things that are unknown. The vibe of this series is more serious and darker than the FOTU series or the Wolf Series.

Awakened (Familiar Series Book 1) Progress

Writing the First Draft

October 2016 – then I started again for NaNoWriMo 2016 and completed 50K words. I wrote the remaining 40K in December 2016 and then rewrote some parts in early 2017. In April 2017 – I gave my story to my small (but fantastic) group of 5 beta readers (a group of avid readers who are writers, readers and ex book sellers) and I implemented their feedback into the completed first draft.

Awakened (Familiar Series Book 1)
Phase:First Draft

Structural Edit

In July 2017- I worked with a new editor (Lara Colrain) for A Touch of Magic and decided to get a structural edit assessment for Awakened (Familiar Series Book 1). I’m now currently implementing these changes identified by Lara. I’ve got 30 chapters and I am working through it chapter by chapter…Ahhhhh it’s a long process. I’m currently sticking to the time allotted while my kids are at school, though I confess, some nights I’m a little addicted and eager to get back to Nyssa’s world and so I do a bit more writing/ editing in the evening.

13th July 2018 Update!  I completed the structural edit!! (Finally!!). I’m meeting with my editor in the next couple of weeks (I have kids on school holidays, and she’s busy with some offline stuff too). When we catch up, we’ll be going through some of the changes I made, and any other areas I need to tighten before we dive into the line editing stage:-). I’d really love to publish this by October, but it’ll depend on Lara’s schedule, and my schedule too.  Anyway, while I’m waiting to chat with Lara, I’ve began working on another project that I’m calling the “Wolf Series” for the moment:-) You can check that out here.

Line & Developmental Editing

I’ve sent off Awakened for a developmental and line edit. I’m currently waiting for those notes from my editor before moving onto the next phase of editing:-).

Copy Editing



Cover Design

I’ve now got cover designs for this series worked out!! They’re so beautiful I can’t wait to publish the books so you can see them! Also, my cover designer and I have worked out a back cover and spine for the print books too (very exciting). We’ve still got some tweaks to make, but we’re really close:-).

Awakened (Familiar Series Book 1)

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