A Touch of Magic: The Forces of the Universe Series (Book 1)

Plastic surgeon Jessie Inglewood is staunchly anti-natural medicine. Sure, the owner of the local health food store is sexy, but there’s no way she’s going to the “dark side” and dating a natural health hippy! No, she’s seen a lot of ridiculous things in her clinic over the years, and as far as she’s concerned, holistic nutritionists, naturopaths, chiropractors, and crystal waving energy healers are all the same: unethical quacks and charlatans peddling false hope to the vulnerable. Jessie’s very comfortable with her judgement… until a woman in white appears at her clinic one night and gives her an extraordinary gift – the ability to heal people. Jessie has a choice to make: keep giving hands-on miracles to people or give up her gift so she can have her old life back – the one where her colleagues don’t view her as one of the quacks she used to criticise.

Works in Progress

Under Her Spell : The Forces of the Universe Series Book 2

(A contemporary fantasy, magical realism, with romance)

The stories of Jessie, Adam, Annabelle, Brett and Angel continue. Blurb and progress page coming soon…

Release Date: To be announced

Awakened: Hidden World/ Familiar Series Book 1

(contemporary/ urban fantasy / paranormal with romance)

When Nyssa’s friends take her out in an innocent attempt to cheer her up on the anniversary of her grandmother’s death, it sets in motion a change that will tear apart their friendship and their world.

It all starts simply enough: a feigned attempt to set up a romance, a clumsy knock into the path of a stranger, a protective arm draped around her shoulders by her boss. But things soon unravel and when the sparks fly, Nyssa is left wondering what is real, who she really is and what she’s capable of.

Check out the progress of the writing process here.

(Release Date: To be announced)




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