From my bookshelf: January 2017 books I have read

The kids are back at school and while I didn’t get much done on my Familiar series during the school holidays, I made a conscious effort not to stress out about this. I did get to do a little research for my works in progress, I started this “blog”, I started chatting to other authors for the “Writer Chats” (suss them out here) and  I did a bit of reading too:-).

All going well, each month I’m going to write a “from my book shelf” post where I’ll round up what I’ve been reading about (and or watching on TV or DVD). I’ll also do a monthly post updating where I am at with the books I am writing. If you’ve got any book recommendations or authors you’d like me to check out or chat to (or if you’re one) then contact me via the contact page:-)

So without further ado… these are the books I have enjoyed this month.

From the fiction shelf:

I’ll include a couple from December too which I really enjoyed and I’ll indicate which are “indie published” books so if like me, you like to support indie authors you know which to keep a look out for:-)


  • Autumn’s Dance by Sarah Gai (indie) – this is a young adult, contemporary, Christian romance. While I don’t usually read Christian fiction, or young adult, I really really enjoyed this book. I recommend getting tissues if you read it, as I ended up in tears at the local cafe and on explaining the story to my hubby (a very down to earth Aussie country bloke type) he got a little watery-eyed too. So if you like books that tug at the heart strings and you like tortured heroes or heroines, then you’ll enjoy this book. Sarah and I regularly chat, you can check out some of our writer chats here.


  • Empire of Storms by Sarah J Maas. I really loved this book. Actually, I really love this series, especially after book 2 where the story and characters get more complex. I like the characters, I love how she weaves the plot. In this particular book I found myself obsessed with the romance in one of the sub plots (I do love a tortured romance!!). Weirdly I keep finding these books in the kids’ section in shops like Big W. Why on Earth they stick them in there is beyond me. I really think they need to reconsider that classification.
  • A Court of Thorns & Roses by Sarah J Maas. While the other series is more general fantasy (think: witches, dragons and fae) this series is particularly about faeries. I found it interesting and I’m curious to see where it goes in book 2.

Urban Fantasy

  • Complicated Blue by PJ Whittlesea (indie):  I “met” Paul in an online writers group we are members of (The Alliance of Independent Authors) and I’ll be chatting to him soon for a Writer Chat. We discovered we were both from Adelaide (despite being in this international group, although he now lives in Europe), so I was curious to read this book. Complicated Blue is about a young witch called Anais Blue. If you love witchy stuff you’ll enjoy this one. I really love the mythology Paul created to explain witches in this series -it’s clever and quirky and I enjoyed it. There are a few questions I look forward to seeing answered in the next book in the series too (hurry up writing it Paul!:-)
  • Rising Saints High (series Goo of the Gods) (indie):  by DP Joynes. Rising Saints High is Dena’s first book (you can check out my first writer chat with Dena here). It’s a fun story where the nerds are the heroes in an angel vs demons kind of battle (I’d describe it as Buffy meets Scorpion and if you like those kinds of TV shows I think you’ll enjoy this:-). Dena’s working on the second book in the series too and so if you read it and love the world, you’ll be pleased to know there is more on the way:-).

Non fiction

  • The Successful Author Mindset & Successful Self Publishing by Joanna Penn (indie). I’ve done a short course on self publishing with Joanna Penn (which I enjoyed) and I also like to watch her Creative Penn videos and so I’ve been reading a few of her books too. Both of these books were interesting and easy to read and if you’re just getting started writing and you plan to indie publish then you’ll find these books helpful:-)

Anyway, that’s all for this month’s round up. Now that the kids are back at school and I’m writing again (more about that in the next post or two) I’m not sure how many I’ll get through but I’ve got a few on the list and so I’m looking forward to getting started on it;-).

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Writers chat 2: Releasing the first book, being a mum and more with DP Joynes

Dena’s first book Rising Saints High which is book 1 in her Goo of the Gods series is out in February (and is available for pre-order now).

You can pre-order her books and check out her social media and other links on her website here.

Check out all 3 trailers on Dena’s You tube channel (hard to decide which to share…I love this one):

Dena’s second book, a novella will be out at the end of March (check out her website for details).

Since we started chatting Dena invited me into her online writing group (which is great and we’ll talk about this in the next Writer Chat with Dena) and as part of that group we’ve also got a group project we are working on (cool and exciting!) we’ll let you know more about that soon.

Other resources mentioned in this chat…

Dena and I chatted about keeping track of plots for books  in a series and across different projects. Dena uses 2 computer screens when she writes. Dena also uses the voice recorder on her mobile phone and transcribes/ actions the story ideas later when she’s writing.

I keep track in a planner (I’m currently using a Kikki K planner) and small note book I keep in my hand bag.

Dena chatted about resources by Tom Corson-Knowles.

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Writer chats 1: Lesson’s we’ve learned, mistakes we’ve made and more

This is the first Writer Chat!

Make your self a cup of tea or coffee, and enjoy.

Stuff we talk about in this chat:

  • Things we’ve learned about releasing things online – through having a self funded indie online TV show and indie magazine
  • The indie spectrum
  • Writer groups, communities and online forums: benefits and down sides
  • 3 things beginner authors need to do (don’t make your cover yourself, get an editor and invest in promoting your book).

Click on the images or underlined text below to take you through to more info about that resource.

Sarah is the editor and creator of Indie Love Magazine.

She’s the author of 9 books!

Her next book Autumn’s Dance is out on the 1st February 2017 (it’s available for pre-order before then).

Sarah’s first books were The Curvies series.

The No BS guide to Publishing (this is the book with the links to book promotion sites I talked about in the chat).

My links / resources I chat about:

The Alliance of Independent Authors

I’m a member of ALLi (The Alliance of Independent Authors) Check them out here. (I recommend joining if you’re an indie author).

The books I produced for the show (I talk about designers and book formatting)

If you’ve got food sensitivities and want to watch the show at all check out the website here. The episodes are under the “episodes tab”.


What to write for a first post?


What to write in a first blog post for this website? It’s kind of daunting to be honest, and I need to write a first post, so I can write the second and third (which I already know what I want to write about…). So I started looking at a few other author blogs to see what they wrote for their first post and finally I laughed (and felt vindicated)   when I read George R.R. Martin’s first blog post on his website from July 2005. Not A Blog. George, I love you.

I don’t want to write a blog either.

I certainly don’t want to write one of those cheesy blogs (I’ve got to be honest I feel myself grind my jaw every time I see one of the  internet marketing NLP style get-a-free-set-of-steak-knives kind of blog titles).

I just want a space to share stuff I feel like sharing, when I feel like sharing it.

So with that out on the table… welcome to the Lisa M White “blog”. Here I’ll be sharing some things about the book I am writing at the moment which I hope to release in July 2017  (Familiar) and other good books, authors and writers info I come across as well as a space to add the details from the Writer Chats.

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There… I think that was alright for a first post.

See you in post 2…