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Hi I’m Lisa, when I was a kid I wanted to be many things when I grew up: a world famous ice skater,  an owner of a horse ranch, a nutritionist, an astronaut and a writer. (I also wanted to be She-Ra Princess of power, Wonder Woman, Xena and Buffy).

I was about 11 when I realised the astronaut thing was never going to happen. I spent hours standing in the back yard brandishing the plastic She-Ra sword I got in my Adelaide show bag and crying out “By the power of Grayskull!” at the top of my lungs. I also gave myself headaches trying to get my telekinetic powers to kick in, and sunburns while searching for fairies in our garden. But finally, I accepted that it was unlikely I was going to be a superhero. (I recently discovered when I sent a manuscript to my editor  that She-Ra said “For the honour of Grayskull!” which totally explains why it didn’t work). It was all ok though, because by time I’d accepted my superpowers weren’t going to kick in, I’d discovered a love for science thanks to a very cool science teacher in primary school. As I got older, I also discovered a fascination with nutrition and health and later naturopathy and herbal medicine.

lisa-m-white-womder-womanI’ve loved stories ever since they were first read to me. Apparently I could recite my Walt Disney Cinderella book by heart when I was 3 and had to hear it Every Single Night (sorry Mum and Dad). I wrote my first book in Reception/ Grade 1 and it was about the life cycle of frogs. And my first fantasy story was about two elves called Renzo and Zak (and there were many more after that). The first novel I remember reading by myself was The Adventures of Pip by Enid Blyton (I think it was a present for my 7th birthday) and I devoured my first romance novel when I was 11 (it was a Mills and Boon “Sweet” romance).

Since then, my love of books (both fiction and non fiction) has continued to grow. Some of my favourite authors and series now are George R.R. Martin’s Game of Thrones, J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter, J.R. Ward’s The Black Dagger Brotherhood Series, Laurel K Hamilton’s The Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Novels (up to book 10) and Sarah J Maas Throne of Glass series and although it’s not fantasy I’m gradually working my way through the Liane Moriarty collection (Big Little Lies is one of my favourite books). When it comes to movies I love The Lord of The Rings, The Harry Potter movies, Chocolat, Enchanted, The Princess Bride and so many more! When it comes to TV series I love Arrow, True Blood (up to season 5),  Game of Thrones, Haven and many more! (I might turn this into a separate post soon as the list is really quite long:-)

As a kid the stories that had an impact on my imagination were The Magic Faraway Tree, The Narnia Chronicles, Anne of Green Gables, The Secret Garden and The Bridge to Terabithia and I loved fairy tales (preferably the happy ending ones).

I’m pretty eclectic though and love a good suspense thriller, murder mystery, treasure hunt and mythology based action story. I’ve loved Chic Lit, single title and series romances and love stories; you name it and I’ve probably read it. (I regularly quote Sex and the city the TV series and love the Bridget Jones movies too).

It took me a while to create this website and just WRITE. Mostly because after high school I took what I thought would be a “sensible” path and went to Flinders University to complete a Bachelor of Science degree (with Honours) with the intention of studying a Masters in Nutrition and Dietetics although due to course restructuring (and fate) I ended up spending 6 years as a PhD candidate in reproductive endocrinology. I decided to discontinue the PhD because I really didn’t want to become a career scientist (and frankly, if I was going to be struggling for an income for the rest of my life, then I’d rather it be doing a job I really loved and one without the nasty chemicals), so I left science to study Naturopathy, nutrition and herbal medicine (which I’d discovered during the PhD). I loved the rich historical story of herbal medicine and the simplicity of naturopathy and nutrition.

Nowadays  between being a mum to my two young kids, I work as a naturopath part time in my clinic here in Adelaide and I’ve also produced an online cooking show for people with food sensitivities called Alternative Chef Kitchen: at the time of writing this I’ve published 3 books and I’m currently working on more for Alternative Chef Kitchen to be released in August 2017.


After an almost 7 year hiatus from reading fiction and writing for fun (thanks to small kids, sleep deprivation, study and producing the online TV show) I’ve returned to one of my first loves: writing and reading fiction.

I love stories. I love to be swept up in a good story. I love long books, I love series. I love print books, I love the smell of new books, I love the feel of old books.  Leather bound, hard cover, paperback. I love them all.  I now love ebooks too, having just recently bought my first kindle. With 9 over-flowing book cases in our house (and more boxes of books that won’t fit in the book cases) it’s safe to say I’m a book addict.

I’m currently working on a series I’m calling Familiar (book 1 to be released November 2017), and a novella which is also part of that series. And I’ve recently just had my novella A Touch of Magic published with 6 other international fantasy authors in an anthology called War Torn: An Anthology in Seven Realms of Fantasy.

If you’d like to read one of my stories, download A Touch of Magic here (it’s free).



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