A Touch of Magic

A Touch Of Magic novella by Lisa M. White
(Contemporary Fantasy)

Plastic surgeon Jessie Inglewood is staunchly anti-natural medicine. She’s seen a lot of ridiculous things in her clinic over the years, and as far as she’s concerned, holistic nutritionists, naturopaths, chiropractors, and crystal waving energy healers are all the same: unethical quacks and charlatans peddling false hope to the vulnerable.  So, she’s completely skeptical when one night, a woman in white appears at her clinic and claims to have a special gift of healing for Jessie from the Forces of the Universe. At first, Jessie thinks the whole thing was a dream, but when some of her patients start miraculously healing, Jessie is forced to accept that the gift is real. And worse, she’s become one of the quacks she used to criticise.

This book is currently getting a little facelift (pun intended!).
It’ll be back soon.

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