Writer Chats

I love writing and chatting about writing with other writers…but being a writer can be pretty isolating (especially if you aren’t part of an in-person writing group). It can also feel pretty overwhelming at times (especially once you start researching how to get your book seen)(I find it overwhelming and I’ve produced an online cooking show and published 3 cookbooks for it!). So after having some FANTASTIC offline chats with my friend fellow author¬† Sarah Gai (who is also editor/ creator of IndieLove Magazine)¬† about all the things we wish we knew when we started and what we’ve learned along the way, I decided to record some of those conversations as these “writer chats”.

These are very informal chats. Make your self a coffee or chai and get comfy.

We chat about writing, launching, expensive mistakes, surprise successes, lessons we’ve learned, books we love (fiction and non fiction) and probably a whole lot more:-)

Here are the writer chats we’ve had so far.

1. Welcome to Writer Chats, lessons we’ve learned, mistakes we’ve made, successes and more with Lisa White and Sarah Gai

2. Releasing and writing the first book, keeping track of ideas, being a mum and more with DP Joynes

3. Writing schedules, writing habits, genre definitions and more with Angela Stevens

4. Writing books, selling print books, writing a series, favourite books on writing and more with PJ Whittlesea

5. Being published, finding time to write and more with KL. Dimago