Writer chats 4: Chatting with PJ Whittlesea about writing books, selling print books, writing a series and more

In this writer chat:

  • In this chat Paul chat’s about his two writing groups and how he finds the different challenges of writing in silence and writing in a busy environment affect his focus.
  • We talk about hand-selling print books (if you’re thinking of doing a print run for your first book then you need to listen to this)
  • Paul talks about how he turned the traditional idea of witches on it’s head for Complicated Blue (his take on it is really cool).
  • We talk about the challenges of writing a series arc.
  • Paul talks about how his very interesting experiences in his previous careers as a musician and theatre technician have shaped and inspired his author journey
  • He also talks about the inspiration behind his two books (really interesting! I love hearing how other authors come up with their ideas:-)

Resources we talked about in this chat:

Paul’s books

To check out Paul’s books and his website click here.

I’ve given a review on Complicated Blue here.

Paul’s books sharing table space with other well known writers:-)

Online writing / indie author community

The Alliance of Independent Authors (Alli)

Books Paul loves

(These books are great they’re pretty well known and would be widely available)

We hope you enjoyed this writer chat. Have you watched all of our other chats? If not, click here.

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